The following is a list of downloads available from Netarus.  For support, please visit

HoistCam Director Client Login Screen

HoistCam Director Client Login Screen

HoistCam Director

  1. HoistCam Director Client for Windows [Download] – The HoistCam Director Client is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.  This application can only be used with HoistCam systems using the enterprise MDVR option, such as model HCDVRM4M2-xCELL or HCDVRM4M2-WAP. (Updated:  Jan 19, 2017)
  2. HoistCam Director MDVR Player [Download] – This utility is used to play recorded videos on the HoistCam Director MDVR from hard drive or SD-Card.  Default username: admin  Default password: 000000

For all user manuals for HoistCam, TugCam and other systems from Netarus, please open a support ticket with your request.