Netarus Full Service – Material Handling Analysis Program

Launching in 2020

Netarus’ Full Service Material Handling Analysis Program brings many years of experience of significantly improving safety and productivity for many material handling customers in industrial, maritime, construction and transportation. Netarus’ Full Service program is a turn-key proven implementation to significantly reduce stress and improve the bottom line!

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No Cost Upfront. Productivity. Profit. Incident Reduction. Safety.

What if you could save your company $1M or more per year in material handling incidents?

What if your material handling operators could move material safer and 20% faster or more?

Does your material handling equipment...

1. Operators and management work in the blind, remotely or stack materials?

2. Have incidents or inefficiencies related to blind lifts or stacking materials?

3. Incur incidents or inefficiencies costing the business over $1M annually?

Why should our company consider a Netarus Full Service Analysis?

Full Service Material Handling Analysis Program

A successful Netarus Full service material handling analysis program includes Netarus working closely with key team members from both organizations. The following depicts key tasks that occur during the entire program.


Customer’s Responsibilities