Rapidly Deployable Wireless Camera Detailed Video Introduction

Rapidly Deployable Wireless Camera (RDWC) Platform

Rapidly Deployable Wireless Camera (RDWC) Platform

The following videos show customers how to use the standalone RDWC (Rapidly Deployable Wireless Camera) from Netarus.  The RDWC can also be connected remotely into the centralized RDVS (Rapidly Deployable Video Surveillance) platform for centralized management of all cameras from one location.

Each RDWC can be customized with various components based on customer requirements.  Please contact us if you have any customization requests.

Video #1:  Detailed Introduction on YouTube>>

Video #2:  How to Connect a Tablet or Phone into the RDWC’s DVR (Digital Video Recorder on YouTube>>

Contact Netarus for all customization requirements including integration of multiple video, and audio feeds into a single platform.