– Real-time Data Analytics for Video and Images

netarus™ provides real-time data analytics for video and images by asking and answering three simple questions: What data needs to be analyzed? How does the data need to be analyzed? Where do the results need to be delivered? To learn more, please visit

Netarus, LLC

Custom Situational Awareness Platforms


Netarus develops cost effective, easy to use and rugged communication platforms.  Each of our platforms can be customized with various communication components including: Anti-sway system for cranes Night Vision Cameras Rechargeable Power Source (Batteries) Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) Displays Wireless Transmitters/Receivers Audio and Radios Wireless Access Points for Remote Management Blackberry, Android and Apple Interfaces (iPad/iPhone) tablets and phones. Sensors (i.e. …


ThreeSixtyCam™ – 360 Degrees of Vision

netarus ThreeSixtyCam

The ThreeSixtyCam™ ( is a 360 degree camera platform designed to go on boats and vehicles (mobile platform) or be located in remote locations (portable stationary platform) such as construction or remote sites. Depending upon the needs of the customer, Netarus can design a ThreeSixtyCam 360 degree camera system to be deployed virtually anywhere.  Quick and convenient all-around view for the supervisors, captain, …


TugCam™ – Eliminate Blind Pushes


TugCam™ from Netarus is a portable camera system designed to improve safety, increase situational awareness and eliminate blind spots on towboats and tugboats – even in complete darkness. As a rapidly deployable wireless electronic lookout, TugCam makes a captains job easier and more efficient enabling the captain to place his eyes anywhere around the vessel or barge that he may …