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Netarus provides innovative heavy lifting, logistics and material handling solutions to large commercial operations. Through technology, we develop easy to use systems that increase safety and productivity across heavy lifting industries including construction, industrial, marine and transportation.

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Netarus Full Service - Improve Productivity

Netarus Full Service is a complete turn-key material handling and logistics process improvement service for the entire organization.  From increasing operator productivity to automating data collection, learn today how Netarus Full Service can reduce incidents and improve productivity 20% or more!

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HoistCam™ is a rapidly deployable camera system that eliminates blind and distance lifts for crane operators and managers.

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HoistCam by Netarus
TugCam by Netarus


TugCam™ eliminates blind pushes for towboat and tugboat operators by placing their eyes anywhere on the
vessel or barge.

Go to>>™™ is a cost effective asset tracking platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). As easy as pressing a button, SiteTrax™ identifies the asset IDs from any video (such as an Android phone or tablet) and delivers this information to any database, enterprise ledger, ERP or management system.

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“We need to stop talking about blind and distance maneuvers and start doing something about them.”Safety & Operations Manager

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