Seeing the Unseen: The Story of HoistCam and Its Mission to Improve Safety and Efficiency

HoistCam by Netarus: Tracing its remarkable evolution from tugboats to submarines and beyond

Introducing Chris Machut, CEO of Netarus and an avid boating enthusiast. As a lifelong boater, Chris was acutely aware of the challenges that boat captains face when navigating through blind spots. As a natural problem solver, he was determined to find a solution to this issue. Through his passion for being on the water, Chris developed a groundbreaking tool that is changing the game and improving safety for numerous industries. Read on to learn more about Chris’s journey and the innovative solution he created.

“HoistCam and Netarus would not be where they are today without (those) that have believed in our vision from the beginning.  To them and on behalf of the operators out there, I say ‘Thank you!'”
-Chris Machut, CEO of Netarus

Introduction of TugCam

Chris began his quest for a solution by doing customer discovery and found that the need for a camera to help captains see in the blind was most prevalent among tugboats pushing boats down the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia. He realized that what was needed was a wireless, rugged camera that could be mounted to the boat with magnets. He got to work and soon came up with the TugCam, a device that could help captains navigate through the river with ease.

Discovering a New Application

However, Chris soon discovered that the tugboat market was extremely niche and wouldn’t be practical for TugCam in the long run. He was back to square one, wondering what to do next.

It was while walking the streets one day that he saw a tower crane operator working in the blind on a construction site. Chris had the TugCam with him and decided to approach the site supervisor. To his surprise, before he could say anything, the supervisor asked if he would like to put the camera on the crane.

Excited at the prospect of a new possibility, Chris and the supervisor attached the camera to the hook block of the crane using the magnets, and the result was astounding. The crane operator could now see everything that was happening around him, even in the blind, making his work easier and safer.

It was at that moment that Chris realized he had created a tool with limitless potential. He knew that the technology he had developed for the TugCam could be used in a variety of industrial settings, including construction sites, manufacturing plants, and mining operations.

And thus began a new era for the device that Chris and the Netarus team renamed HoistCam. They worked hard to improve the technology and make it more robust and reliable. “HoistCam and Netarus would not be where they are today without all of the past, present and future business partners, colleagues, employees, consultants and customers that have believed in our vision from the beginning.  To them and on behalf of the operators out there, I say ‘Thank you!’,” said Chris Machut, CEO of Netarus.  The device has become a game-changer in the industrial world, revolutionizing the way operators work by providing them with a clear view of their surroundings, no matter where they were.

HoistCam: A Star is Born!

Today, HoistCam by Netarus has established itself as a versatile and valuable tool used in numerous industries worldwide. It is utilized in construction sites, manufacturing plants, and mining operations. However, the applications of HoistCam extend far beyond these industries.

In addition, HoistCam has been utilized in power plants and nuclear facilities, helping to increase safety and efficiency. Its impact can even be seen at iconic landmarks like the Hoover Dam, where HoistCam is used to assist with maintenance and repair operations. The adaptability and versatility of HoistCam have made it an invaluable asset in a wide range of industries and applications, proving that innovation and technology can bring significant change to the world.

“HoistCam by Netarus began as a solution to a specific problem faced by boat captains navigating the Elizabeth River in Virginia. In 2012, we started our journey, and it really took off in 2016. We are proud to see HoistCam being used in an assortment of industries and applications. We are excited to continue innovating and evolving HoistCam to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We look forward to seeing where this technology will go from here,” said Chris Machut.

Ready to See for Yourself?

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