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Netarus, LLC is passionate about innovation and technology. The founders of Netarus have been developing the latest wireless, video, and sensor technology since 2002, and then introducing that technology to the marine, industrial, transportation, and construction industries in order to improve safety and productivity.

“To leverage emerging technology and provide easy to use safety and productivity solutions, enabling more informed decision-making capabilities for industry.”Netarus Mission Statement


Netarus manufactures and sells industrial-grade video monitoring solutions – HoistCam™ in particular – which improves employee productivity and workplace safety in any material handling industry.  With proven case studies of reduction in incidents, Netarus’ solutions are deployed across construction, industrial, marine and transportation industries. HoistCam, a rapidly deployable wireless camera system, places the eyes of the crane operator anywhere on the job. The HoistCam platform suite provides optional remote monitoring, recording and management analytics reporting to operators and site supervisors. Netarus’ HoistCam Director enables centralized monitoring for the job site via HoistCam, other cameras and even drones. Netarus’ HoistCam SiteTrax.io provides customized and automated reporting capabilities including video records, safety analysis and 3D models.

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Netarus specializes in designing situational awareness platforms for industrial facilities and cranes to heavy equipment and tug boats. Netarus engineers and manufactures each situational awareness platforms for some of the most demanding environments and locations. Servicing the community for over a decade, Netarus continues to provide innovative solutions for the Internet-Of-Things and Big Data with significant experience in engineering, manufacturing and integrating platforms for commercial, industrial and government organizations.

Our Technology

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Did you know that Netarus Rapidly Deployable (RD) series and stationary camera platforms are for…

  • Inside - Rapidly Deployable Wireless Camera with DVR and Cellular ModemOutside - Rapidly Deployable Wireless Camera with DVR and Cellular ModemMaterial Handling Markets – Reduce accidents and increase efficiency anywhere from 20% to 90% and eliminate nearly all accidents with the HoistCam.  The eyes of the crane operator are placed directly on the hook block and wireless transmitted back to the operator’s cab.
  • Security – Government, police, fire and private security firms leverage both hand-held and 360 degree night vision platforms for remote and on-vessel tracking such as C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) applications.  Marina’s leverage Netarus camera platforms for additional security at the marine and storage areas.
  • Transportation – From tug boats to barges and trains to heavy equipment, Netarus’ camera platforms give vision in critical areas such as “dead zones” or engine rooms. Track vessels in real-time over satellite or cellular communication.
  • Marine Farming – Monitor oyster and fish farms remotely to monitor feeding behaviors, health of the fish and protect from predators or theft. Pens can be tracked via GPS coordinates remotely to ensure they are positioned where they should be located.
TugCam on Barge (TC200 Series)

TugCam on Barge (TC200 Series)

Whether in fresh water or salt water or freezing temperatures down to -40C° (-40F°), Netarus’ camera solutions can withstand some of the world’s harshest environments. Industries range from marine (transportation, tugs, barges and ports) to municipalities (waterways, bays and deep sea).  Our engineering team leverages diverse backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, communications and computer engineering to tackle nearly any problem with the perfect solution.  For more information about how Netarus can assist your organization on a custom solution, please contact us.

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