Case Study Using OCR to Track Intermodal Containers

Netarus presents the findings of a significant case study, the results of which will have far-reaching implications for supply chain tracking.

June 30, 2022, Norfolk, Virginia – Netarus is pleased to present a pivotal case study on the use of OCR – optical character recognition – recently released by SiteTrax™. The game-changing study used a simple cell phone camera to capture assets in an intermodal container yard and share them with a Yard Management System (YMS). With this innovative technology, this study and its findings have the potential to revolutionize Intermodal Yard Visibility.

Have you ever wanted to identify all your inventory by just looking at it? What if you could identify everything at your facility including the ID, location, time by just taking a video or picture? SiteTrax is the cost-effective OCR solution,” explains CEO, Christopher Machut.

SiteTrax™ by Netarus provides the answers to these questions. The solution is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI technology (Artificial Intelligence). The key study, which was conducted by a third party, yielded results that speak for themselves.

  • Truck turn-around times were reduced by up to six times.
  • Yard checks were reduced by one-third.
  • Back-office staff saved an average of 3 hours per day and more…

The study concentrated on a third-party logistics firm that serves ports on the east coast of the United States. Its facility in Chesapeake, Virginia, in particular, where the number of containers in its yard had reached previously unthinkable proportions. The results demonstrate how SiteTrax’s OCR platform and data capture can improve an organization’s operations, productivity, and even morale. Furthermore, the case study revealed how SiteTrax™ can manage an increase in demand in the intermodal shipping container supply chain in real time.

This ground-breaking technology combines tools to improve throughput and efficiencies, ultimately improving supply chains. Visit to get your own copy of the case study and to learn more about how SiteTrax™ is changing and improving supply chain tracking.

About SiteTrax: The SiteTrax™ platform, powered by Netarus, makes it simple to capture and share the geolocation of intermodal containers. Companies can capture their container assets in real-time with the click of a button on any mobile device or SiteTrax’s latest virtual gate solution. Once an asset is captured, its ID is automatically pushed into any public, enterprise, or distributed database, including YMS and Terminal Operating Systems (TOS).