netarus_large_logoNetarus specializes in situational awareness platforms that leverage rugged camera and video systems.  We have developed safety and productivity platforms for a number of industries.  The industries that we have developed platforms for customers include:

  • Heavy Lifting
  • Construction Sites
  • Excavators
  • Cranes – Mobile Cranes, Telescopic Boom Cranes, Tower Cranes, Truck Cranes, and Crawler Cranes.
  • Law Enforcement – rapidly deployable cameras for instant, real-time surveillance during events that are portable and easy to setup.
  • Marine Ports
  • Marine, Border and Port Security – instantly respond to incidents when there is an accident or security breach by deploying remote real-time cameras anywhere at anytime.
  • Oil and Petroleum – monitor high risk maneuvers and eliminate blind spots during transportation or extraction.
  • Overhead Cranes – quickly deployed inside of virtually any plant or factory, HoistCam can eliminate virtually all blind spots.
  • Tugboats and Towboats
  • Wild Life / Fish Pens

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