Netarus, LLC of Norfolk Has Been Accepted into the Virginia Maritime Association

The innovative company known for increasing productivity, and safety for industry, and providing comprehensive solutions have been welcomed into the prestigious VMA.

Netarus, LLC is delighted to announce its acceptance as a member of the Virginia Maritime Association (VMA). Netarus has been developing and introducing cutting-edge wireless, video, software, and sensor technology to the marine, industrial, transportation, and construction industries since 2016 to significantly improve safety and productivity. Becoming a member of this important organization is a critical step in strengthening the strategic mission of leveraging emerging technology in this critical sector.

“We are thrilled to have been accepted as members of the VMA. With its advocacy, events, and resources, the organization has been vital to the industry for over a century. Netarus considers it an honor to be welcomed into the fold and is eager to become active members,” said Christopher Machut, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Netarus.

The Virginia Maritime Association has long been known as the “Voice of the Port Industries.” It is well known for its commitment to improving competitiveness and promoting commerce through Virginia’s ports. Netarus’ membership in the VMA aligns with the VMA’s mission to collaborate and cooperate with stakeholders in Virginia ports as a technology company whose motto is “Making logistics and material handling safer and more productive.” Furthermore, because the VMA is well-known and respected throughout Virginia, the United States, and the world, membership is an asset that Netarus values and appreciates.

Netarus creates hardware and software that improves safety and productivity throughout the heavy lifting and logistics supply chain. Netarus’ flagship product, HoistCam Wireless Camera Operator Aid, and, their user-friendly asset tracking platform, have established Netarus as an innovator, particularly in commerce through Virginia’s ports. When it comes to providing solutions for maritime commerce, their state-of-the-art technology is a game changer.

About Netarus, LLC: Netarus, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, develops and manufactures hardware and software that improves safety and productivity throughout the heavy lifting and logistics supply chain. Their solutions have been proven to reduce stress and increase safety on material handling equipment, as well as improve operational and back-office productivity.

About the Virginia Maritime Association: The Virginia Maritime Association (VMA), founded in 1920, has over 450 members and employs over 70,000 Virginians. Its mission is to promote, protect, and encourage international and domestic commerce through Virginia ports.

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