Netarus CEO Launches New Podcast –

Netarus’ founder and CEO, Chris Machut, has launched a new monthly article with accompanying podcast called  Sponsored by Netarus LLC, the podcast focuses on the impact technology has on people and business.  Each podcast is based on a monthly article posted to the website.  The podcast – in both video and audio format – will accompany each article to provide ways to listen, view or read the content created each month.

Machut explains that he “found that there is limited content in social media around technology as it applies to specific industries.”  A lot of business oriented podcasts focus on entrepreneurship and starting a business.  There are not many out there that address the existing challenges businesses face when it comes to applying technology to their organization.  Understanding the potential positive and negative impacts of adopting these solutions can be a ‘make-or-break’ moment for many businesses,” says Machut.  “It is my hope that these monthly articles with the accompanying podcasts will provide a valuable resource – or even just ideas for others to learn about – within their business.”

As Mr. Machut mentioned, a new podcast with accompanying article is slated to be available on a monthly basis.  Topics will vary across multiple disciplines and industries with a focus on technology and business.  The podcast will initially be available on Spotify (audio only) and YouTube (video only) with more podcast and streaming platforms becoming available in the coming months.

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