Netarus Presenting Contructech Technology Day

Netarus’ CEO to Present at Constructech in Chicago – August 23, 2018

August 23, 2018 – Arlington Heights, Chicago, Illinois, USA.  Netarus’ CEO, Christopher Machut, will be presenting Thursday afternoon on the Human Impact of Visual Aid Technology.  The session will cover cameras and sensors that are designed to enhance situational awareness on heavy equipment. Mr. Machut will also go into the unintended consequences of using such technologies including The Hawthorn Effect, employee fear of being monitored by management and perceived liabilities associated with using such equipment. Finally, learn how to train your workers for better situational awareness, and to work in a relaxed, but alert, state on projects.

Constructech focuses on technology for the construction industry. Technology Day is a gathering of industry enthusiasts who are looking to share knowledge about technology. Constructech explores the fast-paced market of construction technology through conversations, demonstration, and learning and networking with peers.  A full day of sessions, with real-world examples, on technology implementation and success stories including an exhibit hall displaying the most transformative tech solutions for our industry.  Networking opportunities between sessions and during breaks with fellow tech professionals and decision-makers looking to keep up on all things tech.

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Christopher Machut

Christopher Machut, Netarus, LLC

Christopher Machut is the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Netarus, LLC, a Norfolk, Virginia, USA based company that manufactures and sells industrial-grade video monitoring and analytic solutions, including HoistCam and HoistCam Director.  Mr. Machut’s passion is integrating technology solutions to make things easier and safer.  As an alumni of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Mr. Machut is an experienced computer engineer with 20+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and technology development.