Netarus’ Chris Machut Shares International Exportation of HoistCam

Netarus is pleased to share a recent post from ‘Norfolk News Now’ on Norfolk TV. In this video news report, Chief Technology Officer Chris Machut conveys how Netarus is exporting HoistCam internationally, and talks about working with the city of Norfolk.

As Chris explains, “Our product’s a camera system called ‘HoistCam.’ It is a rapidly deployable camera system for cranes and heavy equipment. It helps the operator see in areas that he normally wasn’t able to see. It’s very similar to a back-up camera in a car, but for heavy equipment. We’re interested in growing our export capabilities because we’ve found that the international market has a lot of interest in using cameras for safety and productivity on their heavy equipment. We found that countries and regions like Europe and Asia have a lot of cameras in use today, and they find the value in using cameras – not only from a security aspect, but from an operational, productivity, and safety aspect as well.”

Chris also goes on to express how good the Exportech program has been for Netarus. He shares that we have learned a great deal abut such topics as “the best practices for exporting,” but was also given tips on which were the best resources available from local, state, a federal agencies. Chris found it amazing that almost every country across the globe has a US delegation of some sort to help small businesses, or “us small guys” get into these countries. He states that Exportech also teaches how to leverage the different programs that are available.

Chris definitely would recommend Exportech to other businesses for the resources and the knowledge which becomes available to you when you take part in Exportech. Watch the full report here on YouTube.