Netarus Graduates From ExporTech

Netarus is pleased to announce our recent graduation from Virginia’s first ExporTech. Netarus was among five companies from Suffolk, Norfolk, and Chesapeake to complete the ten week course. ExporTech is a “national export technical assistance program designed to help local manufacturers develop and implement an international growth strategy.”

According to Inside Business:

“The first class of Virginia’s ExporTech Program graduates:

Netarus, a Norfolk company that develops wireless, video and sensor technology for the marine, industrial, transportation and construction industries to improve safety and productivity.

Descal-a-Matic, a Norfolk-based company that provides an effective, non-chemical, environmentally friendly technology for protecting water systems from dissolved mineral scale and corrosion.

Grandwatt Electric,  a Suffolk manufacturer of diesel powered portable light towers and diesel & natural gas powered commercial & industrial generators.

Mission Mobility, a Chesapeake mobile communications company that supplies “rugged, tactical, and reliable mobile network control and power solutions for mission-critical communications in the most demanding environments.

Paramount Sleep, an 80-year-old third generation family-owned mattress manufacturer based in Norfolk whose handcrafted mattress brands are designed to meet sleep and lifestyle needs.”

Netarus attended ExporTech from September to December, where training was provided in how to take advantage of growth opportunities in global market, and how to take proactive ad strategic approaches in making international sales. ExporTech is the only national program that helps the attending companies develop their own export plan. Companies are taught to efficiently connect companies with local experts, as well as national experts, to help navigate the process of export sales. Companies who participate in ExporTech typically generate up to $770,000 in new sales.

Exportech is offered jointly by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership program with the US Export Assistance Centers of the US Department of Commerce. Both group workshops and individual coaching are offered, with a goal of an export plan created in just nine weeks. Graduates learn how to go market to market and implement their plan with innovative workshops.

The ultimate goal of attending ExporTech is for the graduating companies to enter or expand in the global marketplace. Mark Shaw of Netarus stated,

“ExporTech has been an excellent opportunity for Netarus.  As we endeavor to expand our HoistCam sales in the world market, the learning and relationships developed during this 9 week intensive course has advanced both our thinking and marketing capabilities.  Working with our dealers in the UK we are now providing alternative financing options and exploring an expansion of our network.  ExporTech has provided processes and insights to help us confidently advance our marketing plans.”

As always, Netarus strives to completely satisfy both our national and global clients by continuing to improve our knowledge and expertise.