Netarus Hires New Computer Imagery and Visualization Engineer to the Team

Netarus LLC, a producer of rapidly deployable camera systems based in Norfolk, VA, welcomed Matt Thoresen, as their Principal Systems Engineer last month. Thoresen’s main task is to develop, a processing engine designed to provide users with a simple interface to compress and analyze large amounts of data. is set to release at the March 2017 ConExpo exibition in Las Vegas.

With dual major Bachelor of Science degrees, Electrical Engineering Technology and Robotics & Applied Technology, in addition to a background in machine vision, artificial intelligence, and image recognition, the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania native will ensure each project is completed efficiently and cost-effectively. “I see potential and drive in Netarus that will lead to great things as we continue our rapid growth,” Thoresen said.

Thoresen brings excellent experience from the operation of his own business which specializes in compressing business analyses into easily digestible pieces. “Knowledge is power and in today’s economy the businesses that excel are the ones that adapt the smoothest to changing demands of the market,” said Thoresen. His business savvy and technical prowess led him to file four patents to date as an inventor as well as becoming an assignee of two more.

“The best part of working for Netarus is that I enjoy the laid-back environment, yet aggressive work process,” Thoresen said. “The Agile work development helps me set small goals as the base for the big picture and it just gets the job done. With other developers working across the world, communication within the company is incredibly important. Fortunately, being a ‘small business’ means we have almost none of the logistical hoops of big businesses.”

About Netarus:
Formed in 2002 in Norfolk, Va., Netarus, LLC, has grown to become a leading architect of technology solutions to increase safety and productivity in the construction, industrial, maritime and transportation industries. Netarus’ signature products are HoistCam™, a durable wireless camera system; HoistCam Director™, an unmanned sensor data capture and storage system; and SiteTrax™, a new solution that migrates and automates the analyzing process in near real time.