Rapidly Deployable Battery System (RDBS)

Download PDF Brochure

Download PDF Brochure

The equipment in today’s workplace is required to operate in extreme conditions; dry/hot climates, freezing polar locations and wet marine environments. These kinds of conditions, together with requirements for high performance and reliability, are the variables that Netarus considers when developing the rapidly deployable solutions. The 130Ah (Amp/Hour) Rapidly Deployable Battery System (RDBS) with either AGM or Lithium Ion batteries is designed to to satisfy the high demand requirements of the customers needing a reliable solution in these high-pressure situations.

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  • 130Ah 12VDC Rapidly Deployable Battery System (RDBS130)

    130Ah 12VDC Rapidly Deployable Battery System (RDBS130)

    Rapidly deployable and rugged battery system available in 12VDC AGM or Lithium from 10Ah to 130Ah

  • Two press & pull latches
  • One double-layered soft-grip handle with two padlockable hasps
  • Telescoping handle with inline wheels
  • Watertight resin material with vent valve
  • 8Ah circuit protection with reset button (custom available)
  • Fast recovers from deep discharge
  • Classified as non-hazardous and unrestricted for transportation
  • Completely sealed and virtually maintenance free
  • Long life plates technology
  • High starting power
  • One (1) year warranty
10Ah 12VDC Rapidly Deployable Battery System (RDBS10)

10Ah 12VDC Rapidly Deployable Battery System (RDBS10)

Included with Each Unit

  • 5 Amp marine-grade battery charger

Optional Accessories

  • Battery switch and mounting magnets
  • Battery condition gauge