Track Inbound and Outbound Assets with SiteTrax Virtual Gate

May 3, 2022, Norfolk, Virginia, USA – The SiteTrax by Netarus team is proud to announce the official release of the SiteTrax Virtual Gate camera.  As a companion to the SiteTrax Mobile App, the SiteTrax Virtual Gate enables any facility to track both their inbound and outbound assets with a single, cost effective camera.

A SiteTrax Virtual Gate can cost up to 90% less than a traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) gated entry system, while providing significant value to automatically identifying and monitoring assets.  The SiteTrax Virtual Gate camera can identify assets such as international intermodal containers and push that data to virtually any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform including YMS (Yard Management System), TOS (Terminal Operating System), WMS (Warehouse Management System) or CMS (Container Management System).  The SiteTrax Virtual Gate is designed for logistics and industrial locations where cost-effective inbound and outbound tracking is needed.

“The SiteTrax Mobile App is an incredibly powerful tool for capturing the location of assets,” explains Christopher Machut, CEO, Netarus, LLC.  “Adding the SiteTrax Virtual Gate camera enables customers to track the arrival and departure of assets from any yard or facility.  Both SiteTrax solutions provide a single data source of information for quickly and efficiently capturing the location and time of any asset.”

From drayage yards and ports or warehouses and rail terminals, the SiteTrax Virtual Gate camera is a complete turn-key inbound and outbound tracking system with built in cellular access.  Installation is simple:  just mount and provide power to the camera.  Do not have power at your facility?  The SiteTrax Virtual Gate comes with an optional solar panel upgrade as well.

About SiteTrax by Netarus

Powered by Netarus, the SiteTrax™ platform provides an easy way to capture the geolocation of your intermodal containers and share this information within the organization.  With a click of a button on virtually any mobile device or our latest virtual gate solution, your business can capture your container assets in real-time. Once an asset is captured, the ID of the asset is automatically pushed into any database.   To learn more about SiteTrax including how to capture assets from virtually any Android smartphone or SiteTrax’s Virtual Gate Camera, visit or download the brochure on the SiteTrax Mobile App and Virtual Gate camera at