HoistCam Netarus Announces the Launch of our 5 series Models of Rugged Wireless Crane Camera Systems

Norfolk, VA (Setember 21, 2020) – HoistCam by Netarus is continuing to revolutionize the construction industry by adding a new series to our product line. Brought to market in late 2019, the official launch was delayed due to COVID-19 events. With the dust settling, HoistCam from Netarus is pleased to formally launch our 5 series models of rugged wireless crane and heavy equipment camera systems.

The new 5 Series upgrades are essentially internal. The circuit boards and receiver cards have been updated to the latest standards for continued or improved reliability. The models are:

Low Profile HC145 and HC145i Industrial Series

Armored Dome HC185 and HC185i Industrial Series 

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) HC195 and HC195i Industrial Series

These models all have optional recording capabilities as well as remote viewing from virtually any device. Our essential objective is to increase safety, productivity, and reduce operator stress. HoistCam is an industry leader in the field of operator visual aids for heavy lifting equipment operators across transportation, maritime, construction, intermodal  and industrial markets.

For details on each model refer to www.hoistcam.com.

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