Small Business’ Innovation Set for Huge Impact On Global Logistics

Asset Tracking Procedures Primed for Seismic Shift with SiteTrax™ by Netarus

Norfolk, Virginia, USA (September 10, 2021) The team behind technology-driven Netarus, LLC continues to build on an accomplished history of developing industry-critical safety and productivity tools with SiteTraxTM. SiteTrax™ is their latest software platform advancement that will reshape how businesses track intermodal freight around the world. The productivity platform re-envisions how intermodal transportation leaders can track their assets by putting supply chain monitoring into the palms of their hands or virtually any camera.

“The more we reduce overhead in the intermodal industry across the board, the better. SiteTrax™ does that and a lot more,” said Chris Machut, founder and CEO of Netarus. “In place of expensive data capturing hardware and software, SiteTrax™ allows companies to reinvest and ultimately see savings passed on from the business to the consumer. That allows the cycle of trade and commerce to grow even stronger.”

SiteTrax™ disrupts the typical costs companies have customarily set aside to track shipping containers, saving users hundreds of thousands of dollars and allowing them to avoid infrastructure installation downtime. Utilizing the power of any camera or smartphone instead of hardware devices and control gates, SiteTrax™ lets managers instantly capture container IDs and a container’s precise geolocation. SiteTrax™ saves considerable time, money, and resources by allowing companies to avoid spending hours searching for  assets and reducing the considerable time needed for manual data entry.

After a user captures an intermodal shipping container or other assets, SiteTrax™ processes the data with an advanced analytics engine. The software pulls information directly from the image at lightning speed, converting it into digital records which are sorted by artificial intelligence instead of manually input. That accelerates both individual asset logging and data collection throughout the day compared to traditional means.

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and the machine learning configurations at the heart of SiteTrax™ log the collected data nearly instantly. It is compatible with virtually any content management system, making integrating SiteTrax™ easy to incorporate and use. A customer’s preferred management ledger, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, content management system (CMS), transportation management system (TMS), warehouse management (WMS), yard management software (YMS), or even a spreadsheet become instantly more powerful. Your team members are now more productive.

SiteTrax™ by Netarus is pleased to debut this new technology as one of the newest members of the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA). SiteTrax™ values membership in the IANA transportation trade organization and the recognition that comes with it, just as current and future fellow members—and companies outside the association—also come to recognize the unprecedented value offered by the SiteTrax™ system of tracking and data processing.

The staff behind SiteTrax™ wishes to thank the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) of Virginia for helping initiate innovation at Netarus for this platform, as well as the ODU Open Seas Initiative, and Virginia International Terminals for their continued support.

About the Company: Netarus is the Virginia-certified small business pioneering state-of-the-art technology to improve safety and productivity for the heavy lifting and material handling, logistics, and marine  industries. From eliminating blind spots on cranes and vessels through HoistCam™ and TugCam™ to revolutionizing data collection with SiteTrax™, Netarus is the technology-driven member of the Intermodal Association of North America reshaping the state of transportation across the globe. Learn more about the company at

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