SiteTrax by Netarus to Debut Tech Innovations Before Global Audience

Company Set to Showcase Supply-Chain Digital Advancements At Major Conference 

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (August 23, 2021)—a brand of Netarus—the certified small business that helps the world move through heavy lifting, logistics, marine, and material handling innovations—continues its commitment to pioneering asset tracking options for the 21st century, going from coast to coast to unveil its latest developments at this year’s premier logistics and material handling convention in Long Beach, California. IANA Intermodal Expo 2021 offers unmatched opportunities for the company to share the latest drivers of growth for its core business focus: increasing safety and productivity across global transport industries. 

“It’s an honor to not only present a case study before some of the biggest names in transportation but to also showcase our latest contribution to the industry space,” said Christopher Machut, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Netarus. “The Expo is a platform for products, services, and solutions of all kinds, and we’ll be able to share a sneak peek of the future when we debut our latest technology there.” 

Guests who visit the booth—#325 in the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center—will get their first glimpse of the company’s groundbreaking data analytics solution that will make costly current log-keeping efforts a thing of the past. They can also learn more about parent company Netarus. Netarus, the innovative small business is making a big impact on safety and productivity by applying technological solutions to the heavy lifting and material handling industries. This certified small business is developing and configuring new approaches that improve on traditional practices for logistics enterprises. 

The team behind joins other change-makers from across the nation and around the world to reimagine shipping and handling procedures at the most influential conference and trade show in the industry. As one of the newest members of the Intermodal Association of North America, the Expo lets make an important first impression on the businesses that serve as a connecting force behind freight. It also allows for a classroom experience, letting IANA members learn new skills and acquire critical knowledge through the exchange of business ideas. By leveraging opportunities to link with enterprise leaders for more than 700 companies—including ocean and motor carriers, railroads, third-party logistics services, and suppliers— stays on the cutting edge of trends and learns how to make the fulfillment business better in ways that help transform global operational standards.